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  1. I can't hear my crowing over the sou d of your awesomeness.
  2. Thanks for the rep my brother!!
  3. Hope all is well with you and yours...
  4. Merry New Year and Happy Christmas! An Outback Bowl victory would suit me fine...
  5. Thanks for the points, big man! Getting geared up for football yet? Yeah, me too...
  6. I kind of plateaued out months ago. I can walk short distances with prosthetic but am also dealing with End Stage Renal Failure, so on dialysis days I need a walker. Probably would benefit from some more physical therapy.
  7. Hows the mobility coming along? Entered any races? Haven't seen much from you on the board recently. I know life intrudes so I thought I would drop by.
  8. Gracias mi amigo.
  9. Thanks for the rep.
  10. Thanks for the rep my man. Its hard to read thrust those game threads these days... Hope you're healing well and getting around on a new wheel soon!
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